MAD et LEN - Kaboud Noir Apothecary Candle 10.5oz

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MAD et LEN - Kaboud Noir Apothecary Candle 10.5oz


Kaboud Noir: Ancient Mineral & Dark Spices

Europe's great mysteries lie in her forests, ancient as the continent itself, unknowable and full of magic both light and dark. Terre Noire pays tribute to this great continental legacy with a rich and evocative elemental bouquet of bark, earth and wood, striking a cold and compelling atmosphere both haunting and naturalistically comforting.


  • Scent Family: EXOTIC

  • Primary Scents: Ancient Mineral & Dark Spices

  • Burn Time: 65 hours

  • Wax Family: VEGETABLE

  • Net Weight: 10.5oz

  • Color: Black

  • Dimensions: H3" x D3.25" (without lid)

  • Handmade in France

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The perfume house, MAD et LEN, is based in the south of France and specialized in intoxicating aromas handmade with an artisian’s touch. MAD et LEN is a search for lost time and its reappropriation in the recollection of original organic distilled essential oil from flowers, wood or aromate. The use of these raw ingredients gives these fragrances a refreshing natural aroma, extending the product line from home fragrances to candles with rich scents. Each product is unique, from the hand made packaging to the hand blended perfumes.