MAD et LEN - Lili Neroli Apothecary Candle 10.5oz

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MAD et LEN - Lili Neroli Apothecary Candle 10.5oz


Lili Neroli Scent Notes: Lili of the Valley & Neroli

A sheer, ensconcing white floral Lili Neroli is both powerfully luminous and softly comforting. Envision an orderly, monochromatic flower bed, sewn neatly itnto alternating rows of white lilies and springs of citric-sharp neroli. As these angelic blooms silently stand, their scents seep out into the air and intermingle. The searing verdancy yet powdered sweetness of lily is both tempered and magnified by neroli’s piquant brilliance. Their floral purity inspires bystanders to serenade this pristine garden: a lullaby for lily, a tune hummed throatily for petit grain. The admirer’s music activates the air, and a breeze is generated that blows through the rows of lily and neroli. This wind creates a second level of fragrance that is cool and bright and rushing, like fresh mountain water flowing down from snowy caps and strewn with blossoms that signal Spring. Simultaneously expressing composure and a free spirit, Lili Neroli is a study of the fascinating contradictions of natural beauty. Stillness and movement are one.

  • Scent Family: FLORAL
  • Burn Time: 65 hours
  • Wax Family: VEGETABLE
  • Net Weight: 10.5oz
  • Color: Black
  • Dimensions: H3" x D3.25" (without lid)
  • Handmade in France
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The perfume house, MAD et LEN, is based in the south of France and specialized in intoxicating aromas handmade with an artisian’s touch. MAD et LEN is a search for lost time and its reappropriation in the recollection of original organic distilled essential oil from flowers, wood or aromate. The use of these raw ingredients gives these fragrances a refreshing natural aroma, extending the product line from home fragrances to candles with rich scents. Each product is unique, from the hand made packaging to the hand blended perfumes.