ROIL Private Collection BODY LOTION 10 fl.oz

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ROIL Private Collection BODY LOTION 10 fl.oz



This 100% natural body lotion contains seven potent oils to comfort and hydrate the skin with lasting effects. It is carefully curated with organically farmed ingredients that create a unique formula, including natural anti-inflammatories that nourish skin and leave it glowing. The refreshingly natural scent gently awakens the senses, invoking a feeling of well being throughout the day. 


  • Luxurious, high-performance body lotion
  • Leaves skin feeling soft and nourished
  • Leaves skin healthy-looking and brighter
  • Maintains skin's moisture and tone
  • Formulated without parabens, cruelty free, and made in California
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By artfully blending a passion for color, a fervor for fragrance, and an instinctive understanding of luxury, British-born celebrity colorist and international salon owner Amanda George joins forces with her husband, travel and luxury industry guru Emad Ghobrial, to open a new portal into the olfactory sphere with the launch of ROIL lifestyle.

The impetus to create the brand was initially born in the bathroom of a five-star resort in Europe. Underwhelmed and uninspired by the hotel amenity line, it became abundantly clear to the duo that there was a significant void for upscale products that were both unique and memorable. This defining realization led to the inception of ROIL lifestyle. With years of collective experience in both hospitality and beauty, the partners made a commitment to elevate the industry and introduce a compelling collection.

ROIL (A little bit ROYAL with a touch of OIL) embodies ancient wisdom reinvented for the millennial lifestyle. ROIL is a lifestyle brand with different facets that all harmonize together: travel, style, products, and salons for discerning consumers. As both the industry and society continue to evolve, there is an ever-growing desire for natural formulas that are beneficial to our bodies and the environment. This aspect of the brand reflects ROIL's commitment to aligning beauty with social consciousness.